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Big cities are the future

Every year, the number of people living in cities grows by 60 million.* That is why almost all futurologists agree that individuals and companies will be ever more drawn to the economic, social, and cultural opportunities afforded by the world's major cities in the future. LEADING CITIES INVEST aims to harness this appeal for its investors. As a new-generation open-ended real estate fund, it combines the recognized growth prospects offered by major cities with the safety-oriented features designed to protect investors set out by lawmakers in the German Investment Code, which came into force in July 2013. In order to select the very best cities, KanAm Grund has developed a unique proprietary scoring model, C-SCORE. This collates relevant current and forecast economic and social data for cities, providing a key basis for investment decisions. Together with the KanAm Grund PROPERTY SELECTION MODEL (PSM), which enables us to select those real estate investments which deliver optimal returns, this gives our experienced fund managers access to meaningful new decision-making parameters. LEADING CITIES INVEST is redefining the ideas of future viability, security, and performance.

76% of all German investors prefer security over short-term access to capital*


More security than ever before

This mix of features means that LEADING CITIES INVEST will achieve the maximum level of security currently possible in the open-ended real estate fund sector. In doing so, it fulfills the top requirement cited by 76% of German investors, whose main investment criterion is security.

Two distinct benefits for investors

KanAm Grund's LEADING CITIES INVEST fund offers investors two distinct benefits:

  • The opportunity to maximize returns because cities and properties are selected on the basis of data and facts collated using KanAm Grund's C-SCORE and PROPERTY SELECTION models,
  • For the first time, the fund offers "shock resistance" - i.e., protection against fund closures caused by unforeseeable unit redemptions - thanks to the 24-month minimum holding period and the 12-month notice period, which apply equally to all investors.

The fund offers private investors an attractive, innovative, medium- to long-term investment with excellent prospects for growth and solid returns.

Source: IMR Institute for Marketing Research; representative poll of 1,200 German residents aged over 18 conducted in April 2013.

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Good prospects for new fund model

Video: Good prospects for new fund model

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