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Find out more about the benefits of our CashCall Strategy and the possibility of reserving units in LEADING CITIES INVEST in the Interview with our Managing Director Heiko Hartwig.

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Offener Immobilienfonds LCI: Über 3 % Rendite als Ziel

In three entertaining minutes we present to you our new-generation fund LEADING CITIES INVEST. Make the most of the urbanization!

(only available in German)


At a Glance

Big cities are the future


Almost all futurologists agree that individuals and companies will be ever more drawn to the economic, social, and cultural opportunities offered by the world's major cities in the future. LEADING CITIES INVEST aims to harness this appeal for its investors. As a new-generation open-ended real estate fund, it combines the recognized growth prospects of major cities with the safety-oriented features that will be legally required to protect investors as from July 2013. In order to select the very best cities and commercial properties, KanAm has developed a proprietary in-house scoring model, called C-SCORE. This collates relevant current and forecast economic and social data for cities and regions around the world, allowing the most promising investment locations to be identified. By doing so, it enables LEADING CITIES INVEST to offer investors twin benefits:

  • On the one hand, for the first time, it offers "shock resistance" - i.e., protection against unforeseeable unit redemptions - thanks to the 24-month minimum holding period and 12-month notice period for selling fund units
  • On the other, it maximizes potential returns, because properties are selected on the basis of data and facts.

LEADING CITIES INVEST is redefining the ideas of security, future viability, and performance. The fund will offer private investors an attractive, innovative medium- to long-term investment opportunity with excellent growth prospects and solid income potential.


Issuing price*
EUR 110.72
Unit value*
EUR 104.95
*Start of sales November 20, 2013
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